Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Every once in a while, if you look real closely and don't blink, you'll find that rare gem that comes along only about twice a year in TX...nice weather.
This past week it was so beautiful outside, Dave was off, and the park was calling our name.

We drove our car...

and zoomed down slides.

Threw wood chips and dirt...

and practiced our climbing skills.

We twisted and turned with mommy....

walked a tight rope with daddy,

Then we became king of the playground when we climbed to the highest tower
 (which, judging by this face is very hard work!!)

When the weekend rolled around, I packed up the car and took a nice drive down south to visit my bestie. We'd been trying to get together since April, but sick boys and sick mom's had prevented us. But, third time is the charm, and when departure time came, we were all healthy. Luke and Calvin are about 6 weeks apart.

They shared breakfast....

and loved crawling all over mommy's air bed.

We took a hot and sweaty walk...

and made beautiful music.

In the afternoon we played, well, maybe around is the better word to describe it....each other, 

and then washed the dirt away.

And when the boys were all snuggly tucked in bed, me and this hot momma went out for a night on the town.


carol grams said...

Cute! Pics! Fun times!

Kati said...

Karen, love your new blog look! Calvin has gotten so big! Looks like he had fun with Luke :)

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