Monday, November 12, 2012

After the pumpkin patch

...we had a wonderful visit from Uncle Jon, Aunt Lydia and cousins Caleb and James.

It was a fast, busy, but super fun visit.

It started with the great ole Sate Fair of Texas!

Calvin LOVED Big Tex. He kept pointing and saying "bah!"

 Playing in the fountains with cousins

 Watching the Amazing Dog Show!

The petting zoo....the hot, sticky, muggy petting zoo!

Caleb loved to walk with us by the stroller. He was my little escort!

 Stroller tantrum. There were several of these.

Ending with a sweet treat...chocolate covered turtle cheesecake on a stick!

The next morning we drug our tired selves out of bed and headed to the Fort Worth Zoo. I was skeptical about how much Calvin would enjoy it and be in tune with what was going on. It turned out being a great day full of discovery and fun.

Family pic!

Caleb admiring the flamingos.

Calvin admiring the flamingos. He pointed and baby talked the whole time we were by the exhibit. I could really tell that the little gears were turning inside his brain..processing all that he was seeing.

mama and son.

James LOVED the fish. When Uncle Jon tried to take him away he threw a cute little protest.

Caleb feeding the birds

Where's Calvin....


Can you see the orange spot above my shoulder?? That's the tiger!

The next morning the crew packed up and went home, but we made tons of fun memories and are already counting the days till we can make more.


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